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The Yellow Teeth

The Yellow Teeth

On our SeaSafe Life Jackets, we have a break away zip around the outside which has a small section of bright yellow teeth which are not connected together, this is the point in the zip which enables the life jacket to burst through the zip when the lung/bladder inflates. 

Make sure you keep the velcro tab fastened over this gap to prevent the zip from unnecessarily opening and exposing the lung inside. If this happens, undo the outside zip and do it back up again, this will close it again.

Please Note: There should be nothing coming out of this hole! The black velcro tab which is printed with "Blow Your Cover" or "SeaSafe Systems" should be securing the hole closed, protecting it and stuck onto the circle of fluffy velcro. 

You should only be able to see glimpses of the brightly coloured yellow or orange lung inside.