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Below are some testimonials:

Pilot Graham Wood,  AHM/Pilot/Marine,  ABP Barrow:

"I am due to retire in July so somebody else will be doing it next year. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service over the past several years. Might possibly have a couple of new coat orders in the near future, if so I (?) will be in touch. As a pilot, I have been using SeaSafe coats since 1977 and have found it to be an excellent product. Good luck for the future."

 Retired river Pilot Paul Dunn:

"I must be the only river or harbour pilot that has started and ended their careers by falling off the side of a ship... On each of these life threatening incidents I was wearing my SeaSafe coat and both times it worked brilliantly, inflating instantly, giving vital buoyancy and aiding recovery."



Captain John Curry, author of the book "East A Half South" is a retired Pilot and has worked closely with lifeboats: 

"SeaSafe coats have meant so much to me, and of course have been so much an essential part of my life. Many Thanks for them!!"


Heather Douglas, Port of Ramsgate:

"I would like to pass on that all our lads love their new jackets and trousers, they all look very smart I must say."




From Lieutenant Commander Tim Thorley, featured in the RNSA Journal:

A great photo and Twitter comment from @SolentCrew, the Cowes crewing website Crew in Cowes: