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Pre-Operation Checks

Pre-Operation Checks

If your I-Zip, Pro_zip, Sea Explorer, Trekker, Mariner, TC 180, Pacific Lite, Raider, Pro Classic or any other SeaSafe product is due for its annual service, give us a call to arrange collection.

We service all makes and models of Life Jacket.

If you are unsure as to when your product was manufactured or when it had it's last service, you can look inside the lining or front cover and find the white label with a date printed or written on it.

On Life Jackets, whether coats or jackets, you can check the mechansims yourself and this is best done frequently but please ensure you do not fiddle with the components.

Each time you don your life jacket you should endeavour to perform these quick Pre-Operation Checks;

  1. Check the 33 gm Co2 cylinder is screwed in hand tight.

  2. Check the green manual firing indicator is in position.

  3. Check the green auto firing indicator is in position.

  4. Check the oral tube cover is in the correct position.

  5. Check the garment for any signs of damage.

SIMPLE! Why take a chance with your life? Guarantee your Life jacket will work and have it serviced annually. Please do not hesitate to give us a call for advice + 44 (0)1983 282388