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Important note from SeaSafe - Life Jackets must be serviced annually

Most people don't get their life jacket serviced because they don't know they should be serviced.

A lot of people don't get their jacket servced because they think it will cost too much money, when actually. servicing isn't expensive and in fact prolongs the life of a life jacket.

In fact a SeaSafe product has a 10 year life span from the date of manufacture, and if the coat or outer is still ok we can attach a new inflatable bladder which will give you another 10 years of use!

Many people keep the life jacket on their boat or in a garage and don't check the jacket to make sure the operating mechanism is ok before donning. 

It is so important to check your life jacket and be familiar with the mechanics behind it so you can trust it to save your life!

If you don't get your life jacket serviced for a few years and then decide to get it serviced, you may find you will need to replace a few things:

  • CO2 Gas bottle - From £6.00
  • Retaining Nut - From £1.00
  • Washers - From £0.60
  • Automatic Firing Cap (Autocap) - From £6.00
  • Hammar unit - From £25.00

These things, although not too expensive individually do add up; If you take care of your lifejacket you will save money in the long run. 

If a jacket has never been serviced and is older than 4 years, our statistics show that 70% fail the inflation test and are beyond repair; This is because of simple neglect.

If serviced annually and stored in the right environment, a SeaSafe Life Jacket can last 10 Years (under certification) and if the lung / bladder fails for any reason, maybe due to age or delamination, we can replace the lung in the original cover, saving you money.

With our commercial customers, who wear life jackets as part of their job, we receive life jackets in for servicing which are in tip-top condition and are 8, 9,10+ years old!

Do you know what a Hammar unit in your life jacket is? Most people don't realise they have a Hammar hydrostatic life jacket and these are expensive to replace, they are not economical if you are an occasional or recreational sailor. 

For more information please call us for a chat, we are highly knowledgable about marine safety and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Perhaps you wish to know if you're allowed a life jacket on an airplane (Yes) or if you can wear your coat over the top of the life jacket (NO!) Just give us a call

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