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LiveSaver is 3 metres of 3mm neon coated Dyneema spliced into a loop with a triangle in one end. The other end is attached to the lifting becket in the life jacket with a strap hitch knot. When the life jacket inflates the LiveSaver floats out onto the water and is easy for the rescuer to grab with the boathook. They can then secure the MOB to the boat while they set up their retrieval rig. The Dyneema is capable of lifting 1.5 tons. Some lifejackets have one lifting strop and require one livesaver whilst others have two lifting strops and would require two livesavers. Approved to use with both the I-Zip & Pro-Zip lifejackets.

It is always a good idea to keep things neat and tidy inside the life jacket and so, here's an idea. We can fold a pocket to house the LiveSaver. It must be free to open out and release the LiveSaver the minute the life jacket deploys. In this video we have taken a 'T' shaped section of lifejacket bladder material and folded a pocket to house the LiveSaver. By cutting a hole in the end of the pocket one can hang this off the oral inflation tube if that is the side on which we find our lifting strop.