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Lifejacket Crotch Straps

Always wear your crotch strap.

In our experience and taking into account the advice given by the MCA and the RNLI, the official SeaSafe advice is to ALWAYS wear a crotch strap when donning a life jacket.

SeaSafe lifejackets are always sold with crotch straps attached; Whether it be our coats or the old style Raider or Pro Classic life jackets or the new Pro Zip and I Zip life jackets To buy click here

Why should you always attach & fasten your crotch strap?

Without crotch straps a lifejacket will ride up, potentially over your face and in some instances over your head, leaving your mouth perilously close to even the smallest splashes and waves.

If you fall in from any height with no crotch strap, depending on the make and model of lifejacket, the inflated life jacket can completely come over your head with the force of impact. Wearing crotch strap would keep your lifejacket in place and in the correct, safe position.

Even in the height of summer, waters around the UK are quite cold and if you accidentally fall in your first reaction is to gasp with shock. This short-lived reaction means that you re uncontrollably and indiscriminately gulping for air, so the closer your mouth is to the water the re water you’ll gulp.

Floating in a lifejacket, your body will then naturally turn to face the wind and waves, so even small waves will be breaking over the jacket and into your face making it difficult to breathe clear air – which is where a spray-hood becomes vitally important.

Only a cupful of water in the lungs makes life difficult, and you need breathe in only a little over a litre to drown.

It is important to put the lifejacket on and check it fits. When wearing it adjust it so that you can just about get a ?st between the webbing and your chest. In commercial situations where a life jacket is donned daily, it is recommended to issue each employee with a life jacket to ensure safe practice.

Got a life jacket but lost your crotch strap?

SeaSafe can provide you with a replacement crotch strap during the annual service. We can make them specially to fit any life jacket. We also make a Universal Crotch Strap which loops over the waist belt, bypassing any clips.