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Integrated Life Jackets

"But it is a coat, How can it be a Lifejacket?"

SeaSafe manufacture many types of life jacket in their Cowes factory, since 1966 SeaSafe have mainly served Harbour Pilots and Commercial Customers with coats and jackets with integrated life jackets, all made in high visibilty fabrics with reflective tape, and over the decades we have developed the product range to include products for recreational use, products that anyone would like to wear when out on the water. 

Our reputation for reliabilty and excellent knowledge and experience in marine safety has enabled our business to grow and we now make a wide range of innovative products that can be customised and made entirely bespoke if necessary, purchased online and made in our Cowes factory.

These products are all life jackets! Coats nwithy integrated LifeJackets are available to buy at

Above Left: Sea Explorer Above Right: BSI 3

Above Left: Pacific Sea Trekker Above Right: Customised Pacific Sea Trekker

Above Left: BSI 4 Above Right: Sea Explorer 

Below are two of our summer jackets, both are life jackets. You can choose to add or remove pockets on the Build-a-Coat section of the website, choosing colours and functional details depending on your needs.

Pictured above is our latest innovation, the I-Zip Life Jacket.

We now make life jackets in fun, fashionable colours with interchangeable front covers for both recreational use and professional, commercial use.

The beauty of this product is that the main life jacket can be kept and the covers changed depending on the situation; painting dock side, welding, marine electrician, racing, day sailing... the lsit is endless.

This entirely unique feature enables you to change one SeaSafe Life Jacket into any number of different Life Jackets simply by changing the front cover.

  • You buy yourself a Stainless Steel Harness Life Jacket with a Black cover

  • Then lend it to your daughter to wear and she swaps it to a Pink cover

  • You're racing at Cowes Week so you change the cover again for a Red version with embroidery to match the team, boat livery and name.

  • or simply the front cover wears out, it is horribly dirty and you need a new one without incurring the cost of a whole new Lifejacket so you can just purchase a replacement cover.

Remember, when Life Jackets are serviced regularly and looked after properly they can last up to 10 years so this unique cover changing system can prolong the life of your product even more.

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