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Baltic LifeJackets


Inflatable lifejackets are among the safest product to use when you are out on the water as long as you maintain and care for them correctly. Inflatable lifejackets function using a Co2 cylinder that must be replaced each time the lifejacket has been inflated. The cylinder has no specific expiry date but it should be checked regularly ensuring that it has not been pierced or corroded and is screwed in tightly. The automatic lifejacket has a sensor (cartridge) once fully immersed it activates and inflates the lifejacket. The cartridge should also be checked that it is within the expiry date and screwed on tightly. The cartridge is simple to remove and replace but if in doubt one of our retailers will be able to assist you. All inflatable lifejackets both Manual and Automatic models have a manual pull cord. For more information on care and maintenance of your lifejacket please read the manual accompanying the product